Our sermons are available as a Podcast for those that would like to listen to them on their phone.

With the Podcast on your phone you can listen to the most recent sermon or previous sermons.

If you have your own preferred app you can simply subscribe to http://www.MillingtonChurchOfGod.com/podcast, otherwise scroll down for Apple iPhone or Android Phone instructions.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone suggested app is Apple iPhone Podcasts as it should be on your phone already.

  1. Look for “Podcasts”
  2. When you open “Podcasts” for the first time you should see something like below. Tap on “Add a Podcast by URL”
  3. Type in “http://millingtonchurchofgod.com/podcast” (without the quotes) and then tap on “Subscribe”
  4. If everything goes right you should see something like below.

Android Phone

Android phones do not have a standard app that is on every phone. One tested app is “Player FM”, go to Google Play Store and download “Player FM” (free)

  1. After downloading “Player FM” tap on the icon
  2. Initially you will have some screens to swipe past
  3. Tap on the “Continue” button on the bottom
  4. Tap on the “Done” button on the bottom
  5. Tap on the “Search” button and type in “millington” (without the quotes) and you should see “Millington Church of God” show in the results. Tap on the listing for “Millington Church of God”
  6. Tap on the plus “Subscribe” button to subscribe and then tap on the “OK” at the bottom right
  7. When you have finished you should see something like below. Simply press the play (right arrow within circle) button next to the sermon you’d like to listen to.